Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Learn how to solve Warning! Your chassis has been open press F1 to continue with Manu Verma

Warning! Your chassis has been open press F1 to continue.

When you Power ON your computer error message display like " warning! your chasis has been open, press F1 to continue, Press DEL to Enter BIOS setup.

Chassis is a electronics device consist of metal frame on which the printed circuit are mounted. The chassis refers to the rigid framework on which the motherboard, memory,
hard disk and other devices are mounted. It also used for protect from dust, moisture, and tampering.

To resolve these problem press DEL to Enter BIOS setup. go to BIOS security features then go to chassis open warning. In chassis open warning list options display Disbled, Enabled, Clear. select Clear or Disable and save the BIOS setting and exit from BIOS utility.
After restarting PC the above warning message escape out your PC working ok without chassis warning message.



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